Why Should You Avoid Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce is problematic for many reasons, but the most important one is that it can become a prolonged and costly process. It’s hard to feel at peace when the threat of a lengthy and expensive divorce looms over your head. Whereas, uncontested divorce is a more painless and less expensive process.

There are typically two types of a contentious divorce. The first type is when couples disagree on the grounds for divorce, and the second is when they can’t agree on how to split marital assets and debts. You can click here to know more about uncontested divorces.

Here are more reasons to avoid contested divorce.

  • Time-consuming

A contested divorce can take months or years to resolve. It takes that much time because each spouse has to present evidence and arguments on the grounds they want to use in court. This can be a very lengthy and stressful process.

  • No privacy

One main problem with contested divorce is the lack of privacy. In contested divorces, you can’t even have a private telephone conversation with your spouse to try and resolve any issues without it becoming public information in court. This makes it hard to reach an amicable agreement on any matter when you’re worried that anything you say could be used against you.

  • Numerous documents

When you go to court over your divorce, you have to present evidence and prove your arguments. This means that every statement, email, or text could be used against you. You also have to present these documents in court, so it can be a long legal process for both sides.

  • Expensive

Contested divorce is expensive because it takes a long time, you must hire a lawyer and you have to pay court fees. It also costs if you decide to fight for your position in court. If you do everything right, then it can take longer and cost much more than the uncontested divorce legal process.

  • Mentally exhausting

Contested divorces can be difficult because you’ve spent days or weeks at a time working on the divorce case, and now you have to present those arguments in court. This is not an easy process to go through while going through a separation or divorce. The problems involved in contested divorces such as child custody and property division can make the process even more stressful.