Why Consider Car or COE Renewal Financing?  

Money is not easy to earn. But there are a few instances where you might need to get a larger sum of money. For example, you may need to make a purchase or pay off a debt. One of the most common solutions is to take out a loan. You may need to look for more reasonable purchase plans and options for large purchases such as vehicles. Most go the route of in house car loans and more in Singapore.


If you find that your current car loan terms don’t work well for you, perhaps it is time to look into car financing services. Services such as COE renewal financing (or Certificate of Entitlement financing) make car ownership achievable for the average Singaporean. They help you change the terms of your payments.

Should you try COE and other financing services? Here are a few reasons why you should consider it.

  1. You want to control your monthly payments. You can control the terms of your payments, including setting the terms of your contract so you can manage each month’s payment. Your lender will pay off your old lender’s loans.
  1. You want to set the terms of your agreement, such as adding a co-signer to the loan contract. This is one of the best vehicle finance solutions available to you if you want to keep your vehicle but change the terms of your payment.
  1. You want to take advantage of monthly interest rates. The reason why people are picky about loan providers is that interest rates can fluctuate from period to period.  You might save more money with your payments if you think of car financing options at the right time.

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