What To Do Before Your AC Repair in Singapore  


The heat is on, and your air conditioner has been blasting nonstop since the season officially began. Although things were going smoothly at first, you experienced a faulty AC. In an instant, you’re thinking about the system you rarely have to think about.

Everybody hates to be caught in the summer heat with a broken air conditioner, especially when the sun is directly hitting your house. The good news is you can always call for air conditioning repair in Singapore if you don’t want to repeat this experience.

Here’s what you need to know before calling for an aircon cleaning service.

AC Common Problems You May Encounter

Faulty refrigerant

Your air conditioner relies on refrigerant to reduce the temperature and humidity. It means that once this system leaks, it will not be able to cool the air efficiently. That is already a sign that you’ll need an aircon repair service in Singapore.

Although you might know a few basic things about your AC, finding and repairing holes in heating and air conditioning lines may be time-consuming, especially if you detect more leaks.

AC won’t start

Turning on an AC is easy. However, if it’s not working how it should be, you may need to ask an expert to check your thermostat batteries. Experts that can provide an aircon cleaning service can see if the cooling feature is on, if the correct temperature parameters are there and if the batteries are operating.

Stains on the condenser coils

If dirt and filth accumulate on the condenser coil, it will be less effective. As a result of this problem, once it hinders heat transfer, your unit is put under more stress, which might lead to system failure. If this problem continues, consider calling for an AC repair in Singapore might be a good option.

Failure to blow cool air from vents

You will not be able to cool your house down if your air filter is clogged. A filthy air filter might cause the condenser to ice up and reduce your AC’s cooling capacity. Aside from changing your air filter once a month to keep your air conditioner from overheating, you may also need an aircon repair service in Singapore.

Experiencing trouble with the fan

Air conditioner malfunctions can occur if either of the two fans isn’t operating correctly because of a defective motor or a lack of sufficient oil, worn cords or excessive dust. If you don’t address the problem as soon as possible, your compressor might malfunction.

Leak in the refrigeration system

Once the coolant in your air conditioner leaks, the temperature will fluctuate, and the device will not function properly. Refrigerant leakage can cause ineffectiveness.

It also means your air conditioner will have to work harder and raise your energy costs. You can save money in the long run if you call for an air conditioning repair in Singapore.

Inability to drain out the water

A buildup of dust, mildew, and dirt can block the drain pipes. As a result, fumes and unpleasant odours can enter your home. It is possible for air conditioners that are not level to overflow over time. If no solution works, you may consider hiring an aircon cleaning and repair service expert.

Monitor your filters

Because your HVAC system runs on airflow, a clogged filter will make this work longer to cool your house and will cost you more money in maintenance and electricity bills in the long run. Know when you need to change your filter and schedule it at least once a month.

Regularly having an aircon cleaning service for air filters can extend the life of your HVAC system and improve its efficiency.

How To Prepare Before Your AC Repair Schedule


Assist in determining the issue

Consider making a list of any information that will be useful to your technician before they arrive. Is the device broken? Does the room have an overpowering smell? Once you notice these signs, you can write or note them down to help your technician discover what is wrong. It will save you money, but it will also keep their time.

Before your AC repair specialist in Singapore arrives, answer these questions to shorten the repair time.

Know your AC model

You can only know how to replace parts of your AC if you know what model it is. It’s necessary to understand its brand and model number to grasp an air conditioner’s internal workings. When repairing an air conditioner, you’ll need to use parts compatible with your particular model.

Your technician can also find the time to look for suppliers that sell your parts.

Check the electricity source

Avoid wasting your money on an air conditioning repair in Singapore that isn’t necessary. Double-check all your cables and check if something is wrong with your electricity. Checking for damage to the cooling system’s connections is also critical, as it might prevent the unit from working or, worse, create a fire if electrical wires short out.

Determine your AC’s overall condition

Before you call for an aircon cleaning or repair service, it’s a good idea to check the age of your appliance before doing a major repair. Upgrading a 10-year-old air conditioning equipment may be more cost-effective than fixing it. Some AC can still have a chance to survive, while some may only cost you more in the long run.

In some cases, you can estimate the cost of repairs by comparing a unit’s age to the overall repair cost.

Remove roadblocks

It’s most likely that your air conditioner is somewhere in the nook of your house. Clear a way around the unit so your technician can get in and out and do the necessary repairs.

Ensure to clean and prepare your home before calling for an aircon repair service in Singapore. You don’t want them to have a hard time fixing your AC if there are easy ways.

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