What do You Need to Know About Rosin Presses?

You might have heard a lot about rosin presses but do not know what it is and how it works, or why you would ever want one. This is a simple machine that is used for rosin extraction from the cannabis plant. Besides this, it is also known to have multiple other usages. 

Let us check out everything about this press.

What is a rosin press?

A rosin press is a fairly new machinery which can be used to take in cannabis flowers and leaves and transform them into the oil. This is done through the application of appropriate heat and pressure on the plant matter from where the oil needs to be extracted. The biggest benefit of using this press is that it can produce highly potent oil with minimal plant matter in it. This is not the scenario with the other extraction processes. Another important benefit of this press is that it is capable of preserving the terpenes, which are the naturally occurring organic compounds found in cannabis and are responsible for giving them their direct smell and flavor. 

What makes up a rosin press?

A normal rosin press consists of a couple of plates that can sandwich each other when the pressure is applied. These plates can be heated, which ensures that the heat flows into the flowers or the hash that is being pressed between the two plates. This allows complete extraction without the need of any solvents, and also increase the efficacy of the process. These rosin presses come with the benefit of adjusting the heat as different substances might need different heat for the best extraction.

When do you use a rosin press?

Rosin presses are widely used with the motive of creating and producing concentrates. But it can also be used to extract oils from fresh plant matter. The most popular time to use these presses is when you want to make an extract for dabbing or vaping. This is because oils and waxes are created in different methods, and it is essential to use the right process for the right product. You can use fresh plant materials to create an extract for edibles, and use a solvent to remove essential oils from plant matters before creating extracts for dabbing.

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