Reset the TPMS Light

What Are the Ways to Reset the TPMS Light?

While you start your car, you see the light in the dashboard, which indicates the TPMS light. The car’s dashboard flashes with warning symbols and thrashing gauges, but everything settles down after a few moments. However, there are instances when one of the small, insignificant-looking lights in the gauge cluster remains illuminated, suggesting that something is awry.? So, whenever you see the light, make sure to instantly check the tires’ air pressure.

Moreover, the TPMS system plays a very important role in the car. Thus, whenever you see the light, don’s get panic. It is an indicator that your car tires need service. Also, you use the tpms service kits to restore the light. Otherwise, it can lead to the following issues.

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Safety may trigger
  • More risks of blowouts
  • Reduces tire lifespan
  • An unpredicted handling

How To Reset The TPMS Light?

When the level of the air pressure in the tires comes down, you may see an indicator in your dashboard that your car tires need to be refilled. Once you have checked all the tires, try to reset the TPMS light again. The light may turn off on its own once your tires are at the proper pressure.

If the TPMS does not get off, then you may drive your car up to 10 minutes within a speed of 50 mph. After that, try to reset the TPMS light. Else, you can purchase a tpms valve service kit to repair it. There are a couple more things you can attempt if the tyre pressure light is still on:

  • Do not start the car but turn the ignition key switch on. Now, hold the key for up to three seconds until the tire pressure light switches off or it blinks three times. Start the car by releasing the button. Within 20 minutes, the light should turn off.
  • While the vehicle is turned off, disconnect the positive battery cable. Turn the car on and press the horn for three seconds to discharge the remaining electricity. The tyre pressure light should be turned off when you reconnect the battery.
  • You can also overinflate the tires and, after that, deflate them accordingly. This can benefit in resetting the tpms light. Either you can take your car to a service center to repair the TPMS light.


While you take your car to a service center or make an effort to reset the tpms light, both are effective. Thus, you must follow the above ways to reset the light on your own.