What Are The Documents You Need For PR Application in Singapore?  

People who pass an application for PR in Singapore are possibly waiting in line for approval or have already received the good news.

In these times, with so many requests coming in each year, an application is prone to rejection even when you are only missing one piece of documentation. Therefore, authorities may dismiss your application throughout the submission procedure. Many people don’t know that there are many ways to apply for PR in Singapore, but not all of them are identical.

Many interested applicants may be curious about the documents required for a Singapore PR application. Before you finalise your files, here’s what you should know to ensure a successful process.

Why are documents essential for PR application?

Presenting the proper documents required for a Singapore PR application is equally important as the qualifying criteria that you need to pass. A single mistake can result in an insufficient appeal, resulting in rejection.

The greater your need to pass a PR application in Singapore, the more you must be careful with what you submit. From the pictures and identifications to the minor details of your certification.

How do you know if you are eligible to apply?


Before processing your application for PR in Singapore, you need to check if you have passed one of the requirements. You may apply if you are under the impression that you want to be an investor, an international student, a legal parent, have an employment permit or a SingPass, and are married or adopted by a permanent resident.

Singapore Permanent Residency might be yours if you meet these prerequisites and know the standard approval process. If you are still confused if you can pass a slot, consider asking for assistance from a PR application agency in Singapore.

What are the requirements you need to pass?


A passport-sized photograph

A passport-sized digital photograph of the applicant is a must in every document you will pass that you will also need to send online. Make sure you have a hard copy and a digital copy. Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoint Authority specifies specific requirements for passport photos.

When you apply for PR in Singapore, check the size of your picture, finish, quality, background and subject. All photographs submitted should be 35mm in width by 45mm in height, with no borders surrounding them.

Before you get photographed, double-check the specifics to avoid delays with your application. Take note of the background colour, pixel count, portrait look and facial distance.

Documentation of education and training

If you want to complete your PR application in Singapore, you must provide copies of your appropriate tertiary educational diplomas and qualifications. These papers and certificates of completion cover all levels that you should include.

You may also consider including professional licences, participation credentials, and vocational trade certificates to strengthen your application.

Passports and other forms of identification

When you submit an application for PR in Singapore, you will be required to upload images of their current passports, and valid immigration passes as proof of their current status as travellers. Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after arrival in the country you’re visiting.

Parents’ travel documents may also be required when submitting a PR application in Singapore by students. The Immigration Checkpoints Authority also requires this as part of the application process.

Moreover, as part of the application process, all potential PR candidates must include the following forms of identification with their submissions:

  • An identity card – To apply for a visa, applicants from countries that issue national identity cards must submit copies of both sides.
  • Poll of heirs/certificate of the name change – You must upload deed polls or change of name certificates if necessary.
  • A certified copy of one’s birth certificate; survey of the members of the family; register of members of the family – Any valid household survey or family registration that lists all applicants must provide both parents’ names. It is also necessary to include the applicant’s children and spouse and their names and current addresses in the letter.

These documents are necessary for an application for PR in Singapore, and certifying each paper is required if you want to pass your application.

Employment certificates

If you are a currently employed applicant, you must submit documentation proving your claim. However, if you are a student who has an application for PR in Singapore, you may be exempted. If any of these documents aren’t in English, you’ll need to submit notarized translations and your application.

Include your base salary, overtime pays, and allowances. Add every necessary detail connected to your employment.

On the other hand, if you have a business, you may bring your Business Registration Certificate. Make sure you have all the necessary papers connected to your company.

Cover letter

If you want to apply for PR in Singapore, a cover letter is more than just a means of submitting your application. It’s an advantage for you to make a good impression. It is your chance to give your submission a personality to help you stand out from all other thousands of applicants.

If you do and complete everything you need, you’ll be able to avoid delays and increase your chances of a successful application.

If your application for Singaporean citizenship gets rejected, what should you do?


Although you might think that completing all the documents required for a Singapore PR application will instantly give you a yes, you might still be at risk of getting rejected. Here’s what you can do:

If your PR application in Singapore has been pending, you may appeal and try to change your profile throughout this period. You may try to check your record as a law-abiding citizen, your plan to stay in Singapore for the long term and your financial situation.

You may also consider going over your initial application, or you may request the assistance of a PR application agency in Singapore.

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