Total anonymity providing by original cryptocurrency mixing technology

The growing demand for advanced identity protection is beneficial. It is due to the global take-up of digital transactions. The providing pseudo-anonymity is not satisfying users of different industry sectors anymore. Advanced security of users is the top priority of BitMix which aims to deliver excellent privacy. Therefore, the growth of users of digital transactions increases.

What are mixing services

When you use cryptocurrencies you want to stay anonymous on the network. For this reason, your action will lead to running the mixing services. These services require technologies that break the connection between your wallets (old and new) to make your crypto safe.

Why use mixing services

Digital transactions are never absolutely anonymous. The public can view your bitcoin status on the blockchain. It exists as a database of recorded personal digital transactions. Generally, ID information and personal transactions become obvious to the public. As you will use some bitcoins to pay for goods and services and give your details a third party can track them. They will know who you sent your bitcoins to, the amount of money you obtain, and on what websites you are spending your cryptocurrencies.

How mixing services work

Mixing services are dealing with digital transactions to reduce the availability of your details to other people. This kind of service applies the ability to exchange your cryptocurrencies directly for different ones. As a result, it cannot be dedicated to the original owner at all. The chosen platform of mixing services will take your bitcoin and mix it with deposits of other clients. After that, it will return you the same amount of bitcoins. In that case, reducing tracking is successfully achieved. Overall, mixing services are organized to provide your anonymous status on the transparent cryptocurrencies network.