Tips To Consider Before Hiring An Independent Insurance Adjuster

You spend tons of energy, time, and effort making an insurance claim. The paperwork, negotiations, legwork, math, and listing and describing damage can take quite a toll on you. Because of this, you may want to hire an independent insurance adjuster to help you through the insurance claims process. So, here are a few things to look out for if you ask yourself questions like “Independent insurance adjuster near me.” 

Go For a Reputable Independent Insurance Adjuster

When hiring an independent insurance adjuster, look for one with an outstanding reputation. Many well-known, honest, efficient, and hardworking independent insurance adjusters would provide the exact services you need. 

For instance, Alternative Claims Service (ACS) is one claims service with high integrity. With over 700 adjusters spread across 48 states in the United States, they are ready to hop into your case. 

Similarly, there are several other excellent adjusters you can equally find.

Pick An Adjuster With Excellent Time Management Skills

Finding a reputable independent insurance adjuster is excellent, but great time management should also be one of their features. This is important because time is always an essential commodity in these circumstances. For instance, every minute becomes critical if the insured claim is for a burnt home or business center.

So, you need an adjuster who moves swiftly and efficiently to complete and file a claim. 

Always Negotiate The Fees In Advance

No matter how empathetic the independent insurance adjuster seems, it is always best to negotiate the fees beforehand. However, most adjusters work on fees between 5% to 15% of the amount you receive on your claim. On the other hand, others demand a capped price.

Nonetheless, the fees should always depend on the size of your losses and the claim’s type and status. But ensure to discuss and finalize straightforwardly with the adjuster before you begin. Also, if you do not want the adjuster to handle the entire claim, make it clear.

Go With An Honest Adjuster

Honesty is the most prominent feature of an excellent independent insurance adjuster. An impartial adjuster studies the event’s details and documents them. This pushes your advantage because the adjuster records the extent of damages and lays down the total limit of your claim. 

Review the history of your adjuster to know if they are the caliber you’re looking for. In addition, their recommendations also provide valuable information for you to assess them.

Hire an Adjuster who communicates clearly

Although communication is essential everywhere, it is paramount to being an independent insurance adjuster. This is because it becomes necessary to set things and concepts straight in these sensitive circumstances. For instance, proper communication is vital in establishing priorities, conducting research, and tracking progress.

So, communication is an essential skill for adjusters to provide a smooth claims experience. And this is not just for you but also for all parties involved.


When you need to make insurance claims, employing an adjuster is always a great idea. This is not just for convenience, but also to prevent interruptions in your regular day-to-day life.