The Role Of Sustainable Packaging As Of 2020

The adoption of sustainable packaging such as roll packaging cradles is impacting businesses positively. Why? Sustainable packaging has proved to be a better option when it comes to reducing the millions of tons of non-degradable materials produced every year. As the world’s carbon and toxic footprint are near dangerous levels, sustainable packaging plays an important role in making a difference.

This year alone, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, sending billions of people indoors and increasing the need for online shopping and its attendant needs. Records from online store giants such as Amazon and eBay show that millions of people took to ordering items online, thereby increasing the number of packaging required for delivery.

Accordingly, sustainable packaging has played the following roles this year:

  1. Improving consumer-brand relationship: As more brands and businesses are going green and switching to recyclable and degradable packaging, there is a growth of mutual respect between them and consumers who are committed to making the environment safer. This is evident by the increase in the number of orders for products in sustainable packages and the rate at which brands are labeling their products with the recyclable tag.
  2. Improved efficiency: One beautiful thing about sustainable packing is how they can be recycled or reused for various purposes. One example of this is how new shopping bags are designed to be folded into clothes hangers instead of being discarded. Another example is the roll packaging cradles that can be reused as shelves for little items in the house.
  3. Reducing our carbon footprint: Sustainable packaging, together with renewable energy, is helping to reduce the amount of non-degradable wastes that contribute to global environmental issues. Most types of sustainable packaging are recycled for use, while a small number is degraded.
  4. Improved safety for products: Sustainable packaging such as corrugated cardboard is safe for transporting items of suitable specifications. Why? They are resistant to outside blunt force and sharp pricks; items kept within can be transported within reasonable limits safely and for fewer costs.
  5. Cost-saving options: Roll packaging cradle, for example, are typical cost-saving options for transporting cylindrical objects. Of course, this does not mean that some other types of non-recyclable packaging cost more. However, sustainable packaging remains a better idea considering resources conserved during production and subsequent recycling. The impact of this may not be obvious until companies present their end-of-year financial reports, and there are a few millions of dollars saved.