The rise of oil recycling companies

Oil is one of the world’s natural resources whose demand rises over time rather than decrease. Over the years, environmentalists have shown how the use of oil products is affecting the environment negatively.

Coal used in factories is polluting the environment by increasing temperatures in the atmosphere and causing global warming. As cars have increased in the world as the cost of production lowers, motor oil has become a great nuisance at landfills and has a bad effect on the environment. Poor disposal of cooking oil has also led to increased pollution in the environment.

Consequently, the need for recycling as a solution to these problems has arisen. Recycling companies have grown in leaps and bounds by helping to reduce the effect of oil pollution in the environment.

Here are some of the results and products that oil recycling companies have come up with in their quest to reduce the effects of pollution on the environment.

Recycled fuel oil

Oil recycling companies in their quest to see a world with less pollution, have come up with recycled fuel products that ensure that vehicles do not release toxic fumes anymore.

Recycled fuel oil can also be used in place of coal in factories. This will result in cleaner emissions from the factories and thus lower the effects of global warming on the world.

Less clogging in the city and home drainage 

When households and commercial eateries enter into used cooking oil recycling schemes, there is less clogging in the home sinks and the city drainage.

Instead of pouring down used cooking oil to only clog the drainage system, storing it properly for recycling is much better. This ensures that you will not have to call the plumber every known and then to unclog your blocked sink.

Also, it will save lots of money and time for city engineers who spend lots of time unclogging drainages blocked by used cooking oil.

Financial growth in the recycling companies

Over the years, recycling companies have grown financially. These companies have been able to increase their income by developing new products from used cooking oil and motor oil.

With the promise in this industry, many more companies have come into the market and helped spread the information further and quicker. As more and more oil users buy recycled products, revenues increase and the companies get better and stronger. Consequently, they have more and more products.

Products of recycled oil

Environmentally friendly fuels

This is the main product that comes from used oil recycling. Once the used oil is delivered to the recycler, it is cleaned, filtered and taken through a process that removes most of the harmful part of the oil.

The remainder of this process is then processed into a fuel that is pollution free and sold to large fuel users such as trucking companies.

Animal feed production

The recycling process of used oil ensures that it can easily become a raw material for the animal feed production process. It is also used to produce pet food.


Recycled cooking oil or motor oil is also used to develop organic fertilizers. This means that the fertilizer can be used safely on food without the risk of causing harm to the final consumer of the food.

Further, this fertilizer is good for the soils. It helps enhance their fertility and their strength as good soil for crop growing.

Oils for use in the chemical industry

Another product that is produced from recycled used oil, is oils used in technical processes. These are oils that can be used in the manufacture of paint and other chemicals.

This results in products that are safe to the environment and everyone who comes into contact with them.


As more and more companies, individuals and families accept the use of products made from recycled used oil, the strength of oil recycling companies grows. As higher revenues are earned by these companies, they are building a stronger industry that will help ease the effects of oil pollution on the environment.