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The Importance of Surveillance Systems in Banks

All businesses have their own specific needs, but one thing that is common to all is the security concern. This concern is more in places like banks that deal with large amounts of cash each day. We keep our money in banks considering it to be safe and hence the banks require to have proper and advanced surveillance systems in place. They are always the prime targets for thieves and dacoits and thus require surveillance round the clock.

Prevention of Robbery

As the guaranteed custodians of cash and valuables, banks are the prime targets for robbers. Proper and advanced surveillance systems deter them from trying their luck. However, a few robbers would try to hack password for these surveillance systems and thus you need to maintain the systems properly by updating them and protecting the password.

Criminal Investigation

In case any untoward incident happens or there’s some kind of fraudulent activities, then the recorded images from the installed CCTVs can be used for identifying and nabbing the potential suspects. The recordings serve as evidence even in the court of law.

Check Fraud Prevention

IP surveillance systems offering advanced video analytics help in fighting the fraudulent activities. As all transaction data is recorded and images are captured, it helps in protecting the customer accounts and identifying the criminals. Fraudulent activities usually happen with some insider’s help and since employees have a fear of getting caught in the recording, they abstain from getting involved in any kind of manipulation activity.

Manage ATM Withdrawal Activities

There are often reports of suspicious ATM withdrawals by customers where the accounts get debited without their knowledge. The bank cameras keep an eye on all ATM transactions and thus provide the answers in case of any such complaints.

Integrate with Alarm Systems

The advanced surveillance systems integrate the bank security cameras with the alarm systems, thus forming a single network that is more prompt, robust and resourceful.

Continuous Surveillance

Security cameras provide 24*7 surveillance with the same degree of alertness. This is something that can never be achieved by having manual security in the form of guards. A human can’t be completely alert and active all through his shift hours. They tend to get lenient at times, but cameras work with the same alertness whether it’s workday hours, night or holidays.

These are some of the reasons that highlight the importance of surveillance systems in banks.