Shirts For You: 9 Common Mistakes of T-Shirt Printing Worth Knowing

Customising your t-shirts is a great way to stand out because people appreciate their unique style; what you want to achieve in your life, you can do so with ease. In addition, last-minute gifts can benefit from custom printing. Avoid these common t-shirt printing blunders by keeping these pointers in mind. Think about your creative options carefully, as this is where most mistakes happen.

Nothing is more important than the design of custom t-shirts; instant t shirt printing in Singapore can be expensive if you make a design mistake.

When creating a custom t-shirt, avoid the following mistakes at all costs!

Poor Quality Fabric

Quality is essential when designing for the express t shirt printing in Singapore, regardless of the purpose or occasion. Consider this: Would you wear a t-shirt that irritates your skin and causes discomfort? The truth is that everyone can tell a good t-shirt from a bad one. Furthermore, there is a plethora of low-cost, high-quality fabrics on the market, so there is no reason to settle for anything less than the best.

Thinking One-Size-Fits-All

Purchasing a large number of custom t-shirts in the same size is a recipe for disaster! Custom t-shirts can only be printed in a variety of sizes. Regardless of how big or small your t-shirt is, the design needs to be perfectly in sync with it.

Too Much Contrast

Overdoing the contrast in a design only serves to draw attention to the wrong things, so be careful not to overdo it. Contrast is essential to the visual impact of any piece of art. The contrast in design is the visual difference between the darker and lighter parts of the image. Contrast isn’t everything; it’s about finding the right balance.

Keep in mind not only the colours, but also the text, the predominant colour, and so on during the same day t shirt printing in Singapore. If your t-shirt is in a bold colour, the fonts should be in a contrasting colour to make them easier to read and more appealing.

Strive to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between dark and light hues. To achieve the ideal level of contrast, you may have to do some trial and error. If the fabric’s background colour is a dark one, it will have an impact on how the t-shirt looks overall. This is especially important if you intend to offer the design in a variety of different colours. It is common for contrasting designs to work well on black, white, and grey t-shirts.

Poor Fonts Styles

There are “professional” fonts and “informal” fonts. The purpose of the t-shirt will influence the fonts you choose.

Serif fonts, for example, work well for corporate events, but you can also have fun with the font choice for fun events. In addition to the font, the way it is used, including the letter and line spacing, must also be considered during t shirt printing in Singapore. It is standard printing practice to use no more than three fonts at a time.

Complex T-Shirt Designs

T shirt printing in Singapore necessitates simple artwork to facilitate printing. People become perplexed when they are exposed to too many details at once because the brain is unable to process them all. Trying to decipher a moving image, such as the shirt on a human body, is more difficult. Do not pile on top of each other various components and keep your message simple. Everything will look better if you wear a matching t-shirt.

With just a t-shirt, you and your audience can only absorb so much of the message. Your custom t-shirt will look more abstract if you use a lot of graphics, text, and multiple colours in your design.

When designing, keep your layout clean, keep your graphics simple, and choose your colours cautiously. There should be no time for viewers to question what they just saw, so make sure you get your point across quickly.


Outdated Design Trends

With the right target audience in mind, you want your custom t-shirts to be a big hit! As a result, the look must be one that they enjoy. Nobody likes to dress in stale fashions!

Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on in the industry of t shirt printing in Singapore. Fonts, designs, and colours are just as important as the type of t-shirt you wear!  This will help you come up with a custom t-shirt that will have the required impact.

Too Many Colours

Avoid using too many colours on your custom tee shirt printing in Singapore unless it’s a rainbow graphic. Remember that too many colours in one design can ruin an entire outfit, even if you’re looking for a standout t-shirt. The cost of ordering multiple colours, especially if you’re ordering a large number of t-shirts at once, can add up quickly. You’ll need to strike a delicate balance between the two.

Poor Image Quality

It is simple to use images downloaded from the internet. Nonetheless, there is a snag. Have you double-checked the resolution of the image? Web images are frequently of poor quality. They can’t be printed, even though they look great on the computer screen.

Images used in professional-looking designs should have a width of at least 300 pixels. Anything less than this quality will not be able to be printed on your t-shirts. The same rule applies to photographs. tee shirt printing in Singapore is heavily reliant on images.



Design Placement

The design of a custom t-shirt must be placed correctly for it to have the intended appeal. Where will your print be displayed? There are two popular and ideal positions: front and back. Non-standard placement is an option, but check with the printing company first. It is often preferable to test a sample piece before committing to an entire order for instant t shirt printing in Singapore. Placement affects the final appearance, so choose wisely.

A good custom t-shirt can be an effective marketing tool, but only if it looks and feels good on the wearer. If you are aware of these design blunders, you will be able to avoid them.

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