Reasons to Remodel Your Data Centre Design

Does your business rely on storing data? Chances are, your workplace has a Data Centre hosting all the precious information that powers the organization. Data Centres, like all technology, are ever-evolving and always have the potential to be upgraded. With the recent focus on Web3, Metaverse and Digital Marketing, efficient storage of data has become a vital element of any business in the IT Space. 

Secure storage of data is not only impertinent to smooth functioning, but also to your clientele. In an era of increasing cyber-security compromises, your Data Centre must ensure it stays relevant and upgraded compared to the competition.

Data Centre Design, thus, is also of growing importance to organizations. Efficient design can do wonders for your business! If your current design was made years ago, or if your data storage requirement has skyrocketed in recent years, you may consider a complete remodel to your Data Centre!  Here are some reasons why – 

Scope to Upgrade

A good remodel will consider the entirety of your data centre, from the number of racks and servers to the possible space available. Cooling is of vital importance in any Data Centre. So, a good remodel will place every rack in a way that does not hamper cooling, while also providing the opportunity to add more racks. This boosts your organization’s storage capacity without requiring a space expansion!

Better Cooling

Cooling is the name of the game in a Data Centre. A high-performance server is always running and generates immense heat. Poor thermal management can lead to faster degradation of components, data loss and even risk of fires.

If you remodel your Data Centre Design, Cooling is an aspect that will see a marked upgrade. Stendel + Reich data center architecture projects; specialize in planning the systems. 

Arranging racks efficiently allows for better airflow. Extra space can also allow for better water cooling or air-cooling facilities. 

Better cooling, in the long run, is a smart cost-saving measure, reducing electricity consumption along with ensuring a better life for components.

Utilize the latest technology

A smart data centre remodel will not only involve efficient placement but upgrading components that may have been subjected to wear and tear or have simply become outdated. Even a seemingly minor upgrade such as wiring can lead to better data transfer, better cooling and reduced risk of data loss.

Upgraded technology ensures your business stays relevant and favourable in a competitive industry, for much longer and keeps thriving!