Property Damage in Grand Junction Car Accidents: Who Pays for It?

As an injured victim of a Grand Junction auto accident, you need to ensure your injuries are evaluated. Seeking immediate medical attention is important to prevent further complications. Also, you need to hire a good Grand Junction Car Accident Lawyer to help you seek monetary compensation you will need to cover your medical expenses and other losses including property damage. 

In a catastrophic car accident, your vehicle may have also sustained serious damage. That is why you want to make sure this damage is covered by your compensation. Thankfully, your lawyer is an expert in negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance provider of the party who caused your accident. 

How to Settle Property Damage in a Car Accident

If your accident has damaged your property, you can get the insurance company of the at-fault driver to pay for it. You need to get the company to compensate you for the amount you need to repair or replace your car. Usually, the settlement includes all the damages you incurred from the accident. But, if your accident is not catastrophic, there is a chance that your property was the only thing damaged. Nevertheless, you should ensure you are physically unharmed. Sometimes, injuries don’t show up right after a crash. Thus, you must see a medical professional to get a thorough examination.

How Coverage is Determined in a Car Accident Caused by Another Driver

Typically, the following are important things you must know about coverage determination in a standard Grand Junction car accident. 

  • For car damage. You can recoup your property losses through the driver’s collision coverage up to the policy limit or your personal coverage. Your own car or property insurance should cover any expenses the insurance company of the at-fault driver does not cover. But, you need to exhaust that driver’s insurance policy before you use your own.
  • For other property damage. If the car accident damaged another property such as a house, barn, fence, or garage, the issue will get a little more complicated. The victim can have the insurance carrier of the at-fault driver pay for the damage. The owner of the damaged property will use their homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy for damages that exceed the coverage limits of the driver.

Car accident cases can become more complicated than they already are when the insurance company of the at-fault driver is not cooperative. In such cases, particularly in high-value property damage, an experienced car accident attorney must be involved.