Planning to Study Abroad? Know All About International Student Travel Insurance

Most of the students plan to fly overseas to pursue higher education. It can get difficult for the parents of these students to send their children far away from them. The fear that they will have to live on their own, no matter how luxurious room they have in a foreign country, you can tend to get anxious by the fact that you’re countries apart from your child. However, after a certain point, one needs to think practically rather than emotionally.

One indeed needs to ensure that their child is safe and secure. However, also digest the fact that they might somehow have to deal with certain troubles in their travel or stay. In such a case, a student travel insurance plan is recommended to you. This will not only help reduce the anxiety levels but also help manage the financial setbacks that are associated with the travel-related issues that they might face in a foreign land.

International Travel Insurance for students

Similar to the other travel insurance policies that you buy for your trip abroad, international travel insurance for students is customized for the Indian students who are flying overseas for studies, keeping their needs in mind.

Why is Overseas Travel Insurance for students Important?

Purchasing overseas travel insurance for students is of utmost importance, because not just the child, but also their parents back in India will remain in the peace of mind during the student’s stay in an unknown land. Misfortunes can happen anytime and cannot be predicted. Therefore, if anything goes unplanned during your travel including health hazards, an extensive insurance policy will provide you with financial support.

It isn’t easy for all the families to send their children abroad for studies. The expenses can take a toll on the finances of the family. In a case like this, if the child gets involved in any kind of accident or needs immediate medical attention, the treatment cost can be a lot. However, if you already have a comprehensive student travel plan, you need not worry about the medical expenses, as you will receive the financial support that you require from the insurance provider.

There are a few foreign universities that have strict rules when it comes to student travel insurance. Certain universities even specify the kind of policy they want their students to have, and won’t accept them unless the international travel insurance guidelines are not met. Hence, it is essential to know about the requirements of the university you have enrolled in, especially when it comes to insurance coverage, and buy the policy accordingly.

Common Coverage Offered under Student Travel Insurance Policy

  • Medical evacuation
  • Loss of luggage
  • In case of study disruption as a result of medical issues, you will receive reimbursement of course
  • Expenses related to medical treatment, injuries, etc.
  • The expense to provide a duplicate passport in case you’ve lost the original one
  • The expenses for sending someone related to the student from India to the foreign land they’re studying in, if the child faces any medical emergency
  • Personal liability

Process of Purchasing Student Travel Insurance Policy

Numerous general insurance planssuch as health insurance, extended warranty electronics insurance are available online to choose from. It is wise to make the purchase online, so you can compare the coverage offered by the policy, along with the premium amount of various plans, on a single platform. You do not have to visit any travel company’s branch to do the same. The process is easy and convenient, and you receive the policy immediately once you’ve processed the payment.