Objectives Of Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma is the most popular business management process applied by companies. The benefits of this training are making it more acceptable day by day. As Six Sigma presents an organized process, it is very organized in terms of its objectives too. Let’s look at them…

  1. Reducing Wastes:

The ‘Lean’ in Lean Six Sigma stands for the elimination of errors and reducing of wastes. Six Sigma always works in an organized way. Here the company stays aware of the next steps in a project. So when you know how much inputs you need to invest to get the most of the outputs, there is no chance of wasting materials.

  1. Reducing Time:

Setting of less input with a result of better outputs always helps in saving time. Also, as Six Sigma has a plan already set up for what to do next, there is no time lost in thinking for the next steps. This is a primary focus of Lean Sigma training.

  1. Controlling Defects: 

Six Sigma is a methodology that has an accuracy of 99.9996% in production. It means there can only be three to four defective productions in a lakh. The training focuses on teaching it well.

  1. Making You A Skilled Performer:

Six Sigma training works as a problem-solving method. It teaches you through the processes of inquiry, analysis, problem identification, and problem solution. So it objects that you excel in something. It secures the method of learning.

  1. Helping Company Growth:

Since Six Sigma was particularly designed for the improvement in company production, company growth has been a significant focus of this training. That is why Sig Sigma always tries to reduce defects, errors, and wastes. And, this is what makes the company achieve profit.

  1. Building up Customer-loyalty:

This is an important objective of Six Sigma Training. The methodology with three or four defects in production is highly satisfactory for the customers as they are hardly deceived with products. So they don’t feel the need of seeing some other company for the desired products. That’s how the customer-loyalty is built. And, the customer-loyalty is the key to the success of a company.

These are the prevailing focus areas or objectives of Six Sigma training that has been endured by Ezsigma since their beginning. So you see that the objectives are all the way meant to benefit a person and the company. So Six Sigma is worth the popularity it has gained!