Jerome Karam Building Community With New League City Facility Will Boost Educational Access


What makes Jerome Karam continue to excel in the real estate development sector? The real estate sector requires passion and critical thinking. This particular person is a genius specializing in remodeling, renovating, and converting old buildings and properties into a new use. Recently the College of the Mainland Board of Trustees provided this real estate specialist with a new opportunity to make the world a better place.

New opportunity at the New League City

In 2019, the college of the Mainland Board of Trustees approved the leasing process of a new educational facility based in League City. The announcement was made anonymously on 11th December. The primary objective behind this approval is allowing the students on League City, Dickinson, Friendswood, North Galveston county cities, and Kemah to have a place where they can get general education.

The board discussed that the expenses for this new facility will be covered through fees and tuition money. Students will, in turn, benefit from credit classes and other forms of education. Moreover, the board agreed that no tax or bond money would be used to fund this facility. Leasing this facility is an opportunity to generate income for the college and, in turn, help other members of society.

New League City Site programs

This project covers 27, 570 square-foot lands; previously, it was the League City United Methodist Church. In 2021, the colleges existing North County learning center lease agreement will expire, paving the way for the new project. People of League City have an added advantage since their students will have a new learning facility strategically situated for their children. 

Today, about 41 percent of the student from League City attend the College of the Mainland.

Moreover, more than 63 percent of the college population has enrolled in credit classes. These students reside in North Galveston County, which means they cover a long distance to get to school.

 The new facility aims at creating a viable solution for the students. It will offer the students a convenient and accessible option. It’s also true to say that even the students residing along Interstate 45 have a new opportunity to study at this new facility.

What will the New League City facility boost

The college of the Mainland focuses on providing the students with quality education and helping them become independent in the future. Over the years, the College Board has focused on creating new facilities where students can get reliable and accessible educational services.

There is no exception to the new project at League City. The students will have a new area where they will receive the best education from experts. Dr. Warren Nicholas for the president for the College of the Mainland and has explained the reason behind the new facility project.

Dr. Warren stated that there is an increase in demand for the credit program, and this has led to the dire need to establish new facilities. The school aims at supporting the growth of the new facility project to reach every segment of the college community.

New League City Site opening

In the summer of 2020, the new facility will open, providing students with accessible educational services. It so located at 1411 West Main Street. Jerome Karam, a prominent real estate developer, is the one behind this project reconstruction and remodeling process.

With Jerome Karam Friendswood as the real estate developer, this project will be a success. He is renowned for his genius specializing in reconstruction and remodeling. The college of the Mainland will meet its set objective of reaching a large number of students in this area and neighboring cities.