Interested in green card? Call an immigration lawyer

If you are keen on getting immigrant visas for your immediate family, you should know that a quota system is in place. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issues these Green Cards based on family preference. Adult daughters and sons of US citizens get first preference, followed by spouse, adult daughters and sons of permanent residents or Green Card holders. The third preference is given to married children of US citizens, followed by sisters and brothers of US citizens. If you are interested in filing a petition on behalf of your husband/wife, child, or parent, you need to know the requirements in depth, and that’s where a Dallas family green card lawyer can help. The role of an immigration lawyer is often undermined, especially by those who have never handled immigrant issues or related paperwork. 

The basics

First things first, there is no law that requires you to hire an immigration lawyer for filing your petition for a Green Card for an immediate family member. However, the whole immigration process is complicated, and all documents, paperwork, and filing must be done as per rules. Immigration laws and rules change every now and then, so to keep up with all that is another big task. One of the key reasons why you may want an immigration attorney on your side is to know the laws and process. Your lawyer can also guide on all the pathways available, considering your current circumstances. 

How to find the right immigration attorney in Dallas?

You can check for websites like Avvo to shortlist a few immigration attorneys in Dallas. If you know friends and family members who have worked with attorneys in the past, references can be handy. The good news is many law firms in Dallas do offer free immigration consultation, so at the least, you can meet the attorney and discuss your situation. 

Avoid the mistakes

Getting the Green Card can be more complicated than you think. Not to forget, there are costs involved, and one mistake can have serious consequences. The cost of hiring an immigration attorney is much lower than what you would otherwise pay for filing issues. For issues as serious as immigrant visas, there is no sense in taking chances. Most immigration attorneys work at an hourly rate, and hiring legal counsel doesn’t have to cost a bomb. 

Meet an immigration attorney as soon as you decide on filing the petition.