How-To Guide: 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Designer Bags

You have already invested your money in designer bags. Some of them even cost you thousands of dollars. It’s a waste if you only neglect them and let them deteriorate inside your closet. As a bag owner, your responsibility is to maximise your bag’s life by using them for a long time. It is also beneficial for passing the bags down to your future descendants. It adds value and even increases its price when planning to sell it in the public market. See, your efforts to keep well-maintained bags can give you more benefits.

So, if you want to keep your designer bags for a long time, learn some tips for maintaining a bag in this article.

What is the Importance of Taking Care of a Bag

If you’re a first-time owner of designer bags like womens tote bags, it’s better to learn the importance of taking care of your bags because it’ll give you a reason to maintain them. It’ll inspire you to keep those bags in good condition for a very long time. So, here are the things you can gain once you properly care for your bags. .

  • Bags As Heirlooms – You can also give historical value with your bags. For instance, you can pass down your clutch bag to your granddaughters, which would be a vintage collection in the future. It can also give the story of your family history.
  • Worth Your Money – Designer bags cost thousands and even millions of dollars. If you maintain them, you can use them for a long time, which means your money is worth the investment.
  • Maintain Its Market Value – When you’re planning to sell your designer bags in the future, a well-maintained bag can maintain its market value. You can sell them close to the original price, which is good if you need extra income.
  • Maintain the Visual Appeal – Designer bags like womens crossbody bags can also improve your fashion style. Maintaining your bags can improve the visual appeal and, as a result, upgrade your outfit.
  • Improve Bag’s Functionality – Bags are essential when going out because you carry many items. It includes your phones, wallet, alcohol, etc. With a well-maintained bag, you’ll ensure that there will be no holes and that the zippers will be okay.

As you can see, these reasons are worth the effort to maintain your designer bags. So, to do it, continue reading the article to learn the tips for cleaning your bags.



How to Take Care of Your Designer Bags

A small stain and minor scratches can make your bag look appealing. Indeed, a small dark spot on your designer bags can frustrate you, and you would prefer not to wear them. You’ll put them inside your shelves until dust sticks on your bags, completely forgotten. And your money will only go to waste because designer bags are an investment.

The bigger problem here is how to maintain your designer bags. Do you know the proper method? Do you have the tools to clean your bags? And other questions. To answer these, continue reading to learn the tips for maintaining your bags.


1) Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can damage the colours of your bags. Although sunlight seems harmless to your bags, it can spoil them under long-term exposure. If you have big windows beside your collection, make sure to put them in other places or perhaps, you can buy a shelf that can accommodate your womens tote bags, crossbody bags, etc.

You can also look for cabinets applicable for bags like storage if you want added protection. Additionally, don’t forget to keep the temperature at a moderate level to maintain your bag’s quality.

2) Use Anti-Pest Sprays

Pests like rats, cockroaches, and mites can also affect your bag’s quality. They can bite on it, scratch it, or make it dirtier. It’s advisable to use anti-pest sprays to deter them from filtering your bag collection. What’s more frustrating is that you can’t put a quick solution when a mouse chews on your bag. It means you need to buy new designer bags.

Another thing you can do is keep your storage systems locked so pests will not be able to enter the cabinets. If you’re using an old storage system,  replace it with new ones for a more sturdy storage place.

3) Keep Them Dry From Moisture

Like sunlight, rain is also harmful to your designer bags. The rain’s moisture can damage the bag’s skin, especially if it’s leather. Keep your bags dry by putting them in a secure storage place to avoid more damage. You can also put on protective plastic coverings during the rainy season to protect your bags from the rain.

Another solution is to fix your roof and fixture so there would be no leaks when it’s raining. You can prevent your bag collection, including clutch and womens crossbody bags, from getting excessive moisture that can permanently damage them.

4) Don’t Over Pack Your Bags

Another way to ensure that your bag is free from damage is to pack your things properly. Don’t crowd your bag with heavy items like books, big pouches, and water bottles because they will forcefully expand your bag’s fabric. The worst-case scenario is that it can put a hole in your bag and damage it permanently.

To solve this, you can bring two bags when bringing many items. For instance, you can put your clothes and necessities in your backpack, while other belongings are in your womens tote bags. This way, you have an equal distribution of both of your bags.

5) Clean Your Bags Regularly

Regularly cleaning your bags can also maintain the quality in the long run. Remember to use the appropriate cleaning products to avoid more damage to your designer bags. You should also follow the proper cleaning procedures to avoid affecting the quality of your bags. As such, you can maintain your bag for an extended period.

Use these tips above when buying designer bags from Louis Vuitton to make the investment worth the money. You can also visit their website to look for more bag collections, including a clutch bag, tote bag, and crossbody bag.