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By asking the question of the effectiveness of these systems, or in other words of their success or failure, we get fast to the modern version of the theory of contingency that of strategic co-alignment 25. There is no good strategy, there is noon ideal organization, nor even decisive technology, the successful implementation form approach lies in the coherence of three elements, the strategies customer management, the organization that implements it, and the systems information that defines the infrastructure. With best crm systems the you can have the best supports now.

  • This first general hypothesis will require to be established a better specification of the characteristics of a CRM tool (richness, richness, interactivity, ubiquity) and a better definition of customer strategies. A first contribution should appear in this specification work. The second contribution will be the study of how to adjust certain characteristics of the SI to the characteristics of the customer strategy. This general hypothesis is however insufficient. If she answers the question conditions of efficiency, it does not answer the question in the way (how?). You should also know what is crm application.

Even if there is a fit between strategy and technology, nothing is really said how that fit can produce performance. To go deeper this question it is therefore necessary to examine what are the variables intermediate or mediator of these effects. For a number of years the marketing research community develops a research orientation that considers marketing as orientation of the whole organization towards the market. Innovative concepts and organizational learning are at the heart of this direction. Success comes from an ability to adapt to continuous changes in the environment and to respond to it with a continuous stream of innovations concerning both products and services or modes of distribution. The sales management software comes useful there.

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Flexibility, dynamism, reduction of cycles products, the prominence of brands, the intensity of the relationship thus become the key parameters of success. We understand quite well, that the introduction of CRM in the company can have favorable effects on the learning-innovation-performance triplet. In acquiring more information about clients and their behaviors, by making them circulate more widely and accurately in the organization, we can easily imagine that a significant improvement in the response to the customer. It is still necessary that the organization facilitates this process, encourages learning. Still, the system form itself stimulates it. So let’s imagine a firm that puts in place a system form that automates certain tasks.

The Right And Ultimate Gain

An immediate productivity gain is likely to bathe system runs the risk of being blind: automation allows reduce the cost of treating the relationship but does not ensure its effectiveness (essay offer what the customer needs). We can expect, however, that these gains be significantly increased if the process does not act only in terms of substitute, but also in terms of support.