Companies Obligation for Employees During COVID-19 in Singapore

Businesses are finding it difficult to operate like they did when there wasn’t a pandemic. Well, of course, the COVID-19 is a challenge, but this doesn’t mean that companies can stop caring about the welfare of their workers.

In Singapore, the government has place special attention on both firms and their workers. Many schemes have been put in place to make sure that people can lead a better life amidst the chaos.

Companies need to follow various rules to make sure that their employees are receiving the attention and appreciation they need.

Employee Safety is the Most Important Issue

The circuit breaker started lifting from June 1, and some companies in the essential services sector has commenced operation. Well, even after phase two starts and more firms resume their work, businesses need to put extra consideration into safety and health.

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Ministry of Health (MOH) have jointly released guidelines for the safety of employees during the Coronavirus pandemic. Any firm failing to comply with it will be liable for actions.

Every employee should be able to Work From Home in Singapore when possible. A Safe Management Officer (SMO) should be hired in every firm. He or Shewill oversee the hygiene and ensure the following of other safety guidelines. Virtual meetings should take place, and companies should work on their schedules so that employees don’t need to travel during peak hours.

Retrenchment is Possible, but it is to Be Seen as a Last Resort.

Even if retrenchment is the only option available, companies need to treat workers with respect. Furthermore, there is a Job Support Scheme (JSS) in the Singapore budget 2020 payout. The program co-funds 25% to 75% for employees for the first gross $4600 monthly wages for a period of ten months. Companies don’t need to apply for it, as the amount will be automatically calculated depending on the CPF contributions.

Low-income workers will need to get more retrenchment benefits. If possible, they should also be referred to the Employment and Employability Institute (E2i) or Workforce Singapore (WSG). The company joining the NTUC’s Job Security Council (JSC) is also an option.