Common Juvenile Criminal Offences

If a child engages in criminal activity, then his parents’ reputation goes at stake, and his future is questionable since it may create a black mark on his academic conduct. No parent would want their children to get into a criminal offense since it can result in a stressful state and impact their life and upbringing of their child.

Although the situation can be frustrating and worry the child’s parents, you must ensure that the child’s rights are protected. You can approach legal help immediately to save your child from criminal charges. The best solution is approaching a criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN because an attorney will ensure to create a compelling defense.

Additionally, even if the law system works differently in the case of a juvenile crime, it is crucial to consult an attorney about the further legal steps to be taken, so the child is secured.

Some of the common juvenile criminal offenses:

  • Theft

Although thefts are common crimes, it is unusual for a juvenile to perform such an act that is ethically incorrect and is punishable by law. Though the judgment may be different in terms of a juvenile case, the crime is still offensive in the same way. For example, stealing, robbing, and burglary are common theft activities that juveniles can be punished with.

  • Hacking

Suppose a child or a teenager familiar with hacking or is learning hacking through an online course or from a professional tries to hack into someone else’s personal or professional account and invade their privacy. In that case, the child who attempted the crime is held accountable.

  • DUI cases

Drunk driving is exceptionally punishable by law, especially when the driver does not own an original driving license. Usually, juveniles are not allowed to drive until they reach the age legally allowed to drive by law. Even if they did and resulted in a drunk driving case, it can result in severe charges placed under the juvenile law. 

Parents need to look after their children’s behavior. If the parents find that their child has done something wrong and are unsure what to do next, the immediate next step should be contacting an experienced attorney and informing them about what happened. The attorney will let you know how the case can be taken further legally while also building a solid defense strategy for the juvenile’s crime and getting them out of the case.