Check the benefits of hiring a Colorado auto accident lawyer

Car accidents are unfortunate and often a result of sheer negligence. Colorado is an at-fault state. If you were injured in an accident that happened because of the other driver, you can file an insurance claim with their insurer, seeking compensation for your damages. You also have the choice of filing a personal injury lawsuit. This brings to an important question – Should you hire a Colorado Springs auto accident lawyer? What are the benefits of hiring one? Below is a quick overview for your help.  

Protect your legal rights

The key reason why you need an attorney is to protect your legal rights. Insurance companies often have their own tactics to deny, delay claims and minimize settlements. The claims adjuster may insist on your statement, and sometimes, they can twist words to deny a claim. You need an accident lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected. In your best interest, it is always wise to talk to an attorney first, before taking things ahead with your insurance claim. 

Get the deserved financial compensation

More often than not, people underestimate their losses following a car accident. For instance, you may feel that your injuries aren’t severe, but after a month, you discover a spinal issue that may need months of physical therapy. To know the true value of the financial compensation you should claim, you need a lawyer. Your lawyer can guide on the possible losses you may have to incur that are related to the accident. 

When you are partly at fault

Colorado follows the “modified comparative negligence”. If someone is injured in an accident but had part fault, their awarded compensation will be reduced by percentage of their share of fault. If your share of fault is more than 50%, you cannot recover anything. Typically, drivers never admit fault, and if their insurance company knows that you are partly at fault, they may try to shift the blame. An auto accident lawyer can defend you in such cases and ensure that your claim doesn’t denied. 

Note that the “statute of limitations” in Colorado only allows three years, from the date of accident, to file personal injury lawsuit. If and by the time your claim is denied by the insurance, you may have lost considerable time. With an attorney working on the case, you can be assured that they are taking all possible steps to prep for a lawsuit, if need be.