Benefits Of Buying Motor Insurance The New Way, Online!

We live in a digital age where everything we once bought physically can now be purchased online. Not only online, but also in electronic form. From gadget to travel tickets, clothes to vehicles, literally, everything can be purchased online. Most financial transactions have as well shifted their medium from paper-based to online mode. It includes insurance policies too.

Buying motor insurance online has become easier than ever before. Comparing the various plans is seamless and deciding on the policy that suits your need is a hassle-free experience. But if you are someone who is reluctant to prefer the online mode, here are a few benefits of choosing the online route –


Akin to most things that you buy online, there is the elimination of middlemen, making it cheaper. So is the case with motor insurance policies. Policies that are purchased online are generally cheaper since there is no paperwork and other operational costs that are required otherwise.

Elimination of paperwork

Whether it is private or commercial vehicle insurance, it requires substantial amounts of paper. The same thing now shifted to online mode, there is an elimination of paperwork that sometimes could get lengthy and tedious. Since things have transitioned to online channels, there is no documentation in physical form, making it an effortless purchase.

Easy, time saving and convenient

Online buying helps in saving hours of travel to the insurance company’s office. Moreover, you can buy policies as per your convenience. The online purchase makes it easier to compare the myriad options efficiently and effectively. A motor insurance calculator is a nifty tool that aids the comparison process and helps in picking the right insurance cover for your car or bike.

Instant policy purchase

Buying a policy offline takes a lot of time when it comes to processing. Various teams of the insurer shall verify the documents before, after which the premium amount is decided followed by a policy being issued. Now the same process is instant and quick that gets your insurance policy in minutes on making the required payment. It cuts down the time in processing your policy documents for swift and quicker approval. Similar is the case when it comes to claiming. The submission of a claim is quick and almost instantaneous with a quicker turnaround by the insurance company for the claim money.

Ease of endorsement

An endorsement is a change in policy details. For offline policies, the details of the change along with endorsement form needed to be resubmitted to the insurance company. However, using the online mode, the amendments are based on self-declaration by the policyholder and thus speeding up the entire process.

Timely renewal and reminders 

Since all the data is stored in computer systems electronically, automated and timely reminders are sent to you so that you do not miss your renewal date. Also, at renewal, you do not need to fill the entire form again, which is required in the offline mode. Thus, avoid any missed renewal dates and enjoy continued policy benefits each year.

These are the handpicked benefits of availing a policy online. Purchase and renew policies at your convenience while comparing the myriad options at hand.