A Quick Guide to Testing the Phone Line with a Multimeter

Electronic devices developed for measuring current, voltage and resistance are referred to as multimeters. You can find a variety of multimeters in the market these days and they are designed to service different functions. This device can come in handy when you want to test a phone line and don’t have access to a phone. After all, even in this age of smartphones, you have to have a working landline. So, how can you use a multimeter? Take a look below:

  • Disconnect the wiring

There will be a network interface box outside your home that needs to be disconnected for the line you wish to check. Remove the plug and then go back inside to remove the line plug from every device. You can test the internal wiring for continuity when you are not connected to the telephone company.

  • Set multimeter to test continuity

Your multimeter will have an instructions manual that you can use for this purpose. Usually, there is a sound wave symbol that shows that indicates the said setting.

  • Understand continuity

Every colored wire in the phone line should be independent of the rest if it is wired correctly, which means they shouldn’t touch each other. The continuity test function of the multimeterconfirms that no two wires are coming into contact. Electricity will flow freely in a wire with continuity without obstruction, but bare wires touching each other also have continuity, which could be a problem. Find out more at https://websitepromoter.co.uk/.

  • Test the wiring

Open a terminal plug box with a screwdriver and place the leads on any two wires. If the multimetershows continuity, it means there is a problem in the internal wiring of your home and it needs to be fixed for your phone line to function properly.