A Look at the Differences between rotring 800 vs 600 Pens

To retract and extend the writing tip, you just twist the Rotring 800, while the Rotring 600 features a click button. This is the most crucial piece of information, as it is this level of detail that will resolve the bulk of concerns. The Rotring 800 ballpoint may look like it has a button, but pressing it does nothing.

A quality ballpoint pen with a fine tip, the Rotring 600 is one of the most popular pens purchased from The Rotring 800, which looks like an upgraded version of the 700 from the name alone, is another pen in this price range. However, do you agree that this is an improvement? If you need to buy a pen, which one of these should you get? Read the comparison of rotring 800 vs 600 pen.

In Chopped-Down Form:

You can retract and extend the writing tip of the Rotring 600 with the press of a button, but the Rotring 800 needs to be twisted. Because of the specificity it provides, this is the most crucial piece of information. Despite seeming like a button, the Rotring 800 ballpoint is actually unusable.


This video shows the distinct differences between the pens. Keep in mind that the Rotring 600 was first introduced in 1989 and is now available once again in 2018. The re-release is going to be the main topic of discussion here. The question here is why it is the case. As the Rotring 800 did not exist until much later.

The Rotring 600 Gold or Rotring 600 KS refers to a sub-series within the larger Rotring 600 series. As of around 2005, these pens were nearly impossible to find on Ebay (and similar places), and when they did become available, they went for more than $200 each. This is because they are both rarer and more expensive than the standard (non-gold) Rotring 600 ballpoint. For at least $400, an immaculate Rotring 600 Gold may be had in the year 2021.

Examining the Rotring 600 and 800 Ballpoint Pens Side by Side

  • When comparing older models to those made in Japan and released in 2018 or later, the following differences become apparent.
  • In contrast to the Rotring 800, the Rotring 600 only requires a turn of a knob to start writing.
  • In the Rotring 600, the pipe is built right into the pen, the place the refill spreads through. You can expand and retract the 800’s pipe as needed.
  • Rotring 600 ballpoint pens come in five different colours: black, silver, red, and blue. The Rotring 800 comes in just two colors—black and silver—and neither is particularly common.
  • Rotring 800 has gold highlights, while Rotring 600 has simply complementary hues.
  • The Rotring 800 costs around twice as much as the Rotring 600.
  • The Rotring 800 has a “800+” version with a stylus-compatible writing tip for use on mobile devices, although the Rotring 600 doesn’t.
  • There have been several complaints about the Rotring 600’s level of noise. The issue is particularly serious on the Rotring 800.

When deciding where to put my money, which one is best?

As a whole, it appears that the Rotring 600 ballpoint is well-liked by customers, whereas the Rotring 800 ballpoint is seen as too pricy. The 800 isn’t faultless; it has issues including a rattling tip and a twist mechanism that varies in quality and reliability from pen to pen.