A Brief History of Tungsten

Tungsten is a rare-earth element and chemical aspect represented in the periodic table with the symbol W, as well as atomic number 74. It shows up greyish-white and is solid at room temperature level. Tungsten is usually called wolfram, due to its existence in the structure of the mineral wolframite. But what is the background of tungsten? And also, what is tungsten utilized for?


Tungsten from Tungco was uncovered in 1783 by the siblings Fausto and Jose Elhuyar, two Spanish drug stores. They discovered an acidic item inside the framework of wolframite. They had the ability to reduce that acidic item by mixing charcoal for pulling away the atoms of oxygen which got adhered to the tungsten, separating the component, as well as steel. They named the new steel “wolfram.”

2 years ago, Carl Scheele uncovered that a similar tungstic acid can get taken from a calcium tungstate, which then was known as tungsten. Torbern and Scheele Bergman recommended that a new metal could be decreased out of the tungstic acid they found; however, they did not move forward with the idea.

Fausto and Jose Elhuyar are attributed for finding wolfram, which has likewise been named tungsten, although the tungsten that Scheele had functioned was known by his name, as well as is now called scheelite.

Tungsten took shape to function in history. For its beneficial metallic buildings, it was wanted within the military and also defence industries. Geopolitical ventures and stress took place throughout both world wars. As an example, both the United States, as well as Britain taxed Portugal throughout WWII for their wolframite deposits and these were sent to Germany. Germany was the first to utilise tungsten carbide, the hardest steel, as plate armour for its cars and tanks. Additionally, the same metal was utilised to create high-rate, shield-puncturing rounds.

Tungsten Sources

As previously discussed, tungsten is an element within the chemical minerals wolframite, as well as scheelite. There are likewise other minerals within what is known as the wolframite series, like ferberite as well as hub-nerite.

There are roughly 3.2 million loads of tungsten within the entire world’s supply. China has among the most tungsten at around 1.8 million bunches. Following them, Canada has around 290,000 loads, Russia has 160 thousand heaps, and Vietnam has 95 thousand loads. Nonetheless, tungsten minerals are present within the Autonomous Republic of the Congo, as well as the exploitive and dishonest mining that has occurred there has created tungsten to be named a problem mineral.

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