7 reasons to call an auto accident lawyer in Indiana

Some car accidents and collisions can result in serious injuries and devastating consequences. If you have suffered injuries and losses in an accident in Indiana because of someone’s negligence, you can ask for compensation for your damages. In the real world, getting a fair compensation is never easy, because insurance companies have their tactics and ways. Below is a list of 7 reasons why you may want to look for an auto accident lawyer near me

  1. You need advice. The aftermath of a car accident is always complicated. You may not know your rights, or the car accident laws in Indiana. Contact an attorney, so that they can advise on your circumstances. 
  2. Know the worth of your claim. How much should you realistically expect in compensation? You need to find a lawyer, who can offer an unbiased assessment of your case. 
  3. Because you have share in fault. Indiana follows the modified comparative negligence rule. Your eventual settlement will be way lower when you have a share in fault. If your share of fault in percentage is more than 50%, you cannot recover anything at all. Talk to a lawyer, to know more on that aspect. 
  4. Time is limited. The statute of limitations in Indiana allows just two years to file an injury lawsuit after an accident. If you waste too much time trying to understand your options, you may miss the deadlines. Talk to an attorney, so that you don’t have to worry about smaller details. 
  5. To establish fault. What if there were multiple drivers at fault? What happens in case a commercial truck caused the accident? Who is liable for your losses and injuries? A skilled attorney can answer all those questions. The lawyer will help and guide on establishing fault and liability. 
  6. Expertise matters. There is also no denying that expertise and experience of car accident lawyers can help in getting a fair settlement. Your attorney can guide at every step, so that you don’t end up accepting the first offer. 
  7. You don’t want to deal with the claims adjuster. Insurance companies are just absorbed in protecting their interests. If you don’t act smartly, the claims adjuster will never pay the amount you deserve. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf, and if needed, they can file a personal injury lawsuit too. 

Always ensure that you hire an auto accident lawyer you can trust for their work profile.