5 Main Factors You Would Want To Consider Before You Choose An Appropriate Hydraulic Fitting

We need hydraulic fittings to connect the hose, pipe and other tubes of a hydraulic system. Most of these fittings come with a male and female component that is joined to form a connection. These connections are made so strong that they prevent any leakage from your hydraulic system by maintaining and directing a regular flow of hydraulic fluid within the conductor. 

The 5 main factors that you should consider while choosing hydraulic fittings are as follows:


  • Dexterity


The dexterity of hydraulic fittings means its versatility. The JIC fittings have been rated as one of the best when it comes to versatility of the fitting systems. Moreover, the available fittings can be connected to the JIC hydraulic fittings to further get these connected to any American or foreign port. The jump sizes can be expanded or reduced as per the need. The categories following under this heading include elbows, male or female threads, straights and long drops. 


  • STAMP Application Process


STAMP is an acronym, used in fitting systems, that stands for Size, Temperature, Application, Media and Pressure. This stands as one of the most critical factors in selecting the right fitting. It should definitely be considered while making the choice of a proper hydraulic fitting system.


  • Trustworthiness 


There are certain products that are made with certain materials that can help withstand a higher pressure generation. These materials or components of hydraulic fittings also help in withstanding a lot of heat. Hence we can say that after checking the contents of the products for a proper fitting system, you can count on its trustworthiness or reliability. 


  • Higher Pressure Sustenance


NPT threads are not at all pressure friendly. They can never sustain higher pressure. If your required rating pressure is increased then you should not opt for JIC fittings as they are not made for applications generating high vibration. DIN metric fittings and O-ring face seals are a good match for sustaining higher pressure. 


  • General Availability


For decades, the fitting systems are made possible using the JIC and NPT fittings. The OEMs are getting converted to the O-ring face seals gradually. Before you opt for a fitting system, ensure that any hardware store understands the fitting materials and provide you with the right type of materials for use. The DIN fitting styles are now made known to many distributors and hardware stores.