4 Ways To Stay in Touch With Your Grandchildren


If your grandkids live far away from you, how can you make sure to keep that special bond with them alive? The main thing is to be consistent and make the effort to keep in touch. Here are some ideas to make connecting with your grandchildren easier for you.

Call Them Often

Call your grandchildren on a regular schedule. They will come to expect it and will look forward to your calls. Try to make phone conversations fun for the kids by discussing topics that are of interest to them. Ask them about their lives and find out what is important to them.

Try Video Calling

It is easier to engage small children by video calling, using Skype or FaceTime. That way, you can make silly faces, comment on what they are wearing, read to them, or sing songs together. Video calls will be more fun for you, too, since you will be able to see how fast your grandchildren are growing.

Send Letters and Packages

Children love to get things in the mail. Whether it is a birthday card, a letter, or a small gift, they will be thrilled that Grandma or Grandpa sent them something. You can send a picture of yourself in a nice frame, or send them a photo of both of you together.

Use Social Media

Try creating a Facebook page for your family. The whole family can post photos and updates on the page to keep in touch. You can chat with your grandchildren using Facebook’s Messenger, too. Instagram is another social app you can use to post pictures and message each other.

Using these tips and putting a little effort into staying in touch with your grandchildren will make your bond stronger. Then, when you are able to visit in person, you will already have a great relationship and will not feel like strangers.