4 Ways To Freshen Your Retail Store’s Image

Retail consumers are notorious for having short attention spans. If your store has had the exact same look for years, all it takes is one grand re-opening on the other side of the street to draw all of your customers away from you.

Keep your business at the front of your shoppers’ minds by refreshing your shop’s image on a regular basis. Here are a few places you can improve:

  1. Revitalize the Exterior

A new look is most eye-catching when it is visible to the entire community; that is, on the outside. Of course, you could go all-out and do a full remodel if necessary. However, freshening up the landscaping or searching a sign company Sparta NJ for a new marquee could be all you need.

  1. Engage Foot Traffic

In locations heavy with foot traffic, it’s easier to turn passersby into patrons if you build your store around them. Engineer summertime sidewalk displays with sale items, eye-catching products and impulse buys. They’ll have to walk inside to make their purchases, and that will give you extra opportunities to wow customers who might never have noticed your store before.

  1. Energize the Interior

Fresh paint, new shelving and new lighting are a few ways to give your retail store’s interior a more modern, brighter appearance. If you’re not in a position to do a major overhaul of your interior design, simply neatening your displays — buying matching hangers for clothing, for example — or reordering your merchandise can go a long way.

  1. Upscale Your Packaging

Never underestimate the power of packaging. Flimsy plastic sacks can tear, feel cheap to the touch and don’t reflect the worth of your products. Luxurious laminated shopping bags with ribbon handles and sleek designs project the image of desirable merchandise. Don’t forget: Attractive packaging is a front-line advertisement for your company.

The next time you feel that your sales are beginning to dwindle, one of these four facelifts could be the thing to revitalize your customer base and return their focus to your store instead of your competitor’s.