4 Considerations for Hiring a Confinement Lady in Singapore

Confinement is when a new mother stays at home for 30 to 40 days postpartum. They might need extra assistance from a confinement nanny during these days. An excellent confinement nanny will teach the mothers to breastfeed infants and new mothers during confinement.  Because your chosen confinement nanny will be at your side during your confinement, you must pick the proper decision.

Here are four things to consider when selecting a confinement lady in Singapore.

#1 Learn About Their Job Scope

The responsibilities of a nanny include caring for the mother, caring for the newborn, and providing breastfeeding and infant care assistance. You may choose whether you want to hire a full-time or part-time nanny in Singapore and whether you want a nanny from an agency or a freelancer. A nanny helps the recovering mother recover from childbirth and learn how to care for her baby.

#2 Consider Their Skills and Experience

The abilities and expertise of a confinement nanny in Singapore indicate the level of assistance you will receive. Most nannies from reputable firms receive professional training in numerous areas such as postpartum care, infant care, making confinement cuisine and herbal tonics, and nursing.

#3 Gather Reviews and Understand Their Reputation

Find out what other parents have used the service you are saying about them. It applies whether you are searching for an agency-based or freelance confinement nanny around Singapore. It will let you know if their ability to prepare confined meals is the most essential to you or if there are other services you may require. You might begin browsing for confinement lady services at the recommendation of a friend or a relative you trust.

#4 Discover What Services Come with the Confinement Service

Booking an excellent confinement nanny in Singapore entails more than their abilities and expertise. Before coming on board, there are specific aspects to look at and questions to ask. The following are three distinct aspects to Consider.


Consider how much it will cost you to hire such services. Learn if they require a deposit before the nanny arrives. Understand when you should pay the balance and the services you are paying and availing from them. Find out if there is anything more you should consider outside the booking charge, hiring cost, deposit, etc.


Most firms offering confinement nanny services in Singapore have a staff of Malaysian-Chinese descent. The confinement traditions and the proximity of the countries to each other play a significant role. You must consider the longer and more time-consuming application process if you hire a nanny. However, if you go with an agency, they will resolve these issues for you.


Your confinement nanny is human, and they might get harmed while assisting you with chores or cooking. It is sometimes unavoidable, and insurance protects the parents and the nanny.

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