3 Tips for Maximizing Warehouse Space

For businesses that rely heavily on warehousing space, utilization is crucial to making sure the investment isn’t being wasted. When it becomes harder to maneuver forklifts, or pallets build up in the aisleways, frustration and fear that you may have reached capacity with your storage often results. Reducing your inventory is a possibility for getting some of that space back, and securing semi-trailer storage leasing Sumner WA provides another advantageous opportunity. However, some careful planning and creative changes could show how you can generate more space where you already are.

Start With Analysis

Before you go through and start reorganizing everything, step back and take a thorough look at your needs compared to your existing utilization. Do you have items you could combine or condense into one location because you access them frequently? Are there certain items that are seasonal or used seldom enough to move to an off-site storage location? By analyzing your space needs, you may come up with a better way to store things that aligns with your business practices. Just keep in mind safety and fire regulations before moving or changing structures.

Think Vertically

You may be able to add significant new space to your warehouse location by thinking vertically. There is often a lot of open space overhead that can be used through custom shelving or stackable rack systems. There is also the possibility of using beams or sidewalls to hang custom storage items.

Use Logical Picking Slots

If all your picking slots are the same size, you have an inefficient system that wastes space. Customize each holding bin to the size of the items kept there. Limit your supply to between five and seven days of sales to reduce excess inventory and save space.

You can customize your space to your needs in a number of ways, whether you are in an office location or a large, open warehouse. Keep an open mind and stay willing to consider new ideas.