10 Digital Marketing Tips to Help Your Small Businesses Find New Customers

There are few things that make more of an impact on the growth of your small business, than digital marketing. Dedicating time to finding the right digital marketing strategy for your business is always a worthy investment on the road to success. Although the keys to great digital marketing may seem complex, here are some tips from DLR Media, Dundee marketing agency, to help…

1. Know Your Customer Niche –

Being aware of who you are trying to attract will shape the way you attract them. Knowing what your customers need can define your entire online marketing strategy, and be the turning point when it comes to conversion, so don’t cut corners when it comes to locating your perfect customer.

2. Choose the Right Ads –

Following on from the above; now you know who you’re trying to bring to your website, you should also know when and where to target them. Making sure you show your ads in the right places is just as important as the copy within them. Consider Facebook or pay-per-click advertising, which will allow you to utilise precise data to target the perfect new customers.

3. Don’t Neglect Your USP –

The products or services you sell through your small business will always have a USP, or unique selling point. Make sure you’re emphasising why you’re better than the alternatives every chance you get. This goes for your business in general, and your value proposition should take centre stage in your digital marketing.

4. The Best Web Design –

If your ads are great but the site, they lead to isn’t, it’s going to be almost impossible to convert visitors into customers. Make sure to include basic information like where to find you, opening hours, and how to get in contact with you. But a sound website is about a lot more than just this.

5. Great Social Media Presence –

The more social media you’re on, the more customer bases you can tap into, and the more legitimate your business appears. When perfecting your social media presence, it’s always best to master one site at a time, until you can invest in a social media manager.

6. Host a Blog –

Hosting a blog can bring a huge variety of benefits to your small business’s marketing strategy, including driving website traffic straight to your online site.

7. Take Control of Your Google or Tripadvisor Reviews –

Claiming your business on popular search engines and sites not only ups your authority, but the potential trust that new customers will have in your business. Great reviews and a proactive approach to past customers can also push new leads to your site.

8. Take Notes from Your Competition –

Keeping an eye on the digital marketing methods that your competition are using will help you keep up with major players in the industry. This also gives you the all-important chance to get ahead of the curve when it comes to your customer base.

9. Take it Slow –

Perfecting each of these digital marketing strategies all at once is going to be a challenge, and this may draw your attention away from your business. Digital marketing and your small business need a symbiotic relationship to thrive, so you can always put your best foot forward in your marketing when it comes down to it.

10. Keep an Eye on Your Metrics –

Knowing exactly how potential new customers visited your site, how long they stayed, and whether they purchased from your small business is paramount to ongoing success. When you keep an eye on your metrics, especially on conversions, it allows you to perfect your marketing strategy, and do more of what works.