Why is a live receptionist better than opting for just call answering services?

Just in case you were not aware of this a virtual live receptionist and a call answering service offer a different set of services. A call answering service comes with limited scope. It would usually not be able to provide a whole wide range of services that are provided by a virtual live receptionist.

Let us know about a few of the differences between both the services:

· Live virtual receptionist

In the case of virtual receptionist companies, you will usually have calls coming in at peak business hours. All the calls will be handled not by any answering machine but by a live trained person. The call answering services usually route to an automated greeting message if the calls are more than the agents available. Usually, on holidays or weekends, the call could keep up ringing, unlike the case of a virtual live receptionist.

· Friendliness

When you get the call answered by an answering machine, you know there is no human behind the desk. But in the case of a live receptionist, they will answer every call with a bright and friendly tone. They will ensure to greet every call with a cheerful tone which lays a good impression about a business from the customer or client’s point of view.

· Transferring of live calls

Usually, most of the answering services don’t come with the ability to connect calls to you. If they even do, they might end up charging for every call transfer. In the case of a virtual live receptionist, they get the calls transferred to wherever you want to and whenever. This means the update is available at all times. If you want you can also change instructions about different calls and they will follow your instructions.