What to Do When You’re Being Sued in Business

If you just found out that someone is preparing to sue your company, you are probably panicking. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned money or the rights to your well-established brand. It’s important to remember that just because you are being sued does not mean your opponent will win. To increase your chances of winning your case, take these steps.

Hire a Lawyer

You can’t win a legal case without an attorney. Your lawyer helps you prepare your evidence, understand the case against you, and present yourself well in court. Lawyers also posess an in-depth understanding of the law that you don’t have. If you can’t afford an attorney, you don’t have the right to one unless you are involved in a criminal trial. Still, you should ask your network of business contacts if they can point you towards a cheaper option rather than forgoing one altogether.

Get Your Defense Ready

Don’t expect to just show up in court and win; you need to do your homework in advance. Learn what you are being sued for, and find as much evidence as you can to prove your opponent wrong. Hire a bank expert witness to give testimony about the honesty of your financial dealings, and print out any relevant photographs, emails, and banking statements. Provide your lawyer with all your evidence, and he or she will figure out the best way to present it in court. Remember, never tamper with evidence, lie, or misrepresent evidence in court, as these actions are felonies.

Instead of panicking when you learn that you’re being sued, act quickly and efficiently to prepare your case. With the help of your lawyer and a strong defense, you have a good chance of being successful. Just remember to keep your head and trust your lawyer’s expertise.