What Industries do Oil Mist Collectors Help With

What is an oil mist collector?

An oil mist collector is a machine installed in manufacturing companies that removes oil, mist, steam, smoke and other pollutants in the air.

What industries will benefit from an oil mist collector?

In manufacturing companies such as oil manufacturers, production companies, and even some small businesses, oil particles build up in the air from daily tasks. When left untreated, the oil in the air settles, coating the floor with a thin slick layer.

When this happens, employees are more likely to slip and injure themselves or others around them. This could lead to not only an injury, but the loss of a job, or a lawsuit. It also makes it more difficult to operate heavy machinery because the tire tread won’t work as efficiently on the slick floor. A forklift driver or heavy loader operator needs to be able to move the machine in a precise manner to ensure the safety of themselves, the people around them, and the product. Small businesses that work with oils could also benefit from an oil mist collector in the same operation of an oil manufacturer or production company.

How does an oil mist collector work?

First, the machine vacuums in the polluted air. Next, the air passes through a serious of four cleanable pre-filters made of a fiber bed. This traps the largest portion of the oils. Then, the air passes through an oil bag filter, removing any remaining pollutants. Finally, the air passes through the outlet and back into the room! Easy as 1, 2, 3.

What are some large industries that use oil mist collectors?

There are a few known cases of food production companies, such as potato chip companies, have sought out assistance from major oil mist collector corporations to resolve the levels of oils in the air. Other production companies that use any sort of oil coating on their products could also benefit from oil mist collectors. This includes, but is not limited to, some children’s toys, storage containers, wax papers, and printing companies.

What about small businesses?

Small businesses can also benefit from an oil mist collector. Essential oil products, soaps, and candle companies work frequently with oils and the same safety threat of a major corporation applies to small businesses.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, an oil mist collector is a machine installed in large companies, small businesses, and oil manufacturing companies that is used to collect polluted air and purify it. It can resolve the risk of an employee or client slipping on the slick layer of oil that builds up on the ground when the air pollutants settle. It can also ensure that heavy machinery is being operated at full efficiency and ran with careful precision. There would be no oil on the floor for the tires to skid on. Large companies such as food production companies or small business such as the essential oil business could both benefit from an oil mist collector. I believe oil manufacturers speak for themselves.