Various Policies Every Pearl Jeweler Should Get in Writing

At the time of running a jewelry business, you will realize that there is a need to set up company policies for your clients as well as yourself. This realization comes at the time of occurrence of a problem and you don’t have any idea to deal with it. In such a case, you have to get some written policies so that you as well as your customers are aware of handling it.

Setting of the stone of customers

Who is going to be liable if the stone breaks? Be precise in clarifying situations if your customers find a flaw in the stone. Most of the pearl jewelry manufacturers have a stringent policy in place if they set a customer’s stone. It is important for the customer to sign a waiver agreement stating that the designer isn’t liable for any breakage in the stone.


How will you deal with returns and replacements of your goods? How will you handle poorly worn or handled goods? If you are looking to buy genuine pearl bracelet, then PearlsOnly is the best place.

Minimum Order

It is important to mention in writing the minimum amount that you want to sell to a store. It can be a number of pieces ordered or dollar amount.

Payment Policies

Make a policy stating the payment modes that you approve for making payment. It can be credit card, debit card, cash on delivery, net banking, etc. Also, you must state about the late fee at the time of sending out the statement on the coming month.

Canceled Orders

Canceling the order by the store once the order has been placed for it is very common. To protect yourself against those situations it is needed that you form a strict policy.

Marketing Materials

What type of marketing materials do you offer your jewelry store?

Personal Appearances

Are you keen to make personal appearances at your pearl jewelry store to aid in selling your work?


Policies act as a guideline to execute a successful business. Under some conditions, you can even change them for any specific situation or customers. You will have to find which policies work best for your customers as well as your business.