Top Tips to Increase Your Business’s Curb Appeal

A major part of running a successful business is getting potential customers through your front doors. If people aren’t familiar with your brand, curb appeal is an important part of drawing them in. Luckily, a few tips can make your store more appealing from the outside.

Clean the Parking Lot

Whether they’re driving by or stepping out of their car, your parking lot will make a first impression on customers. To ensure it’s a good impression, make certain that you keep your lot clean. You could add a daily garbage pick-up to your store opening routine. Hiring a parking lot sweeper Tacoma can also give you an occasional boost to clear accumulating dust and debris.

Refinish the Parking Lot

Once your parking lot is clean, you can assess how it looks. The blacktop breaks down, potholes form, and lines fade. If your lot has seen better days, it might be time to refinish the surface. The longevity of your lot depends on the weather, traffic, and quality of work. It is recommended to perform maintenance every two to four years. Tenants will likely need to contact their landlord or building manager to address parking lot concerns.

Freshen the Window Display

Your business’s window display is to showcase your products. Make sure you are freshening up the front window at least every two months. The best window displays are bold but clean. You should try to tell a story and surprise the customers. Using lighting can draw more attention. If you have a difficult time creating ideas, play off of the seasons, holidays, or local events.

Grab the Power Washer

Anyone who has seen power washing knows the drastic difference it can make. From sidewalks to windows and siding to doors, your exterior needs an occasional deep cleaning to look its best. There are many options when it comes to power washing. You can hire a company, purchase a unit, or rent a washer. If you elect to DIY, be sure you understand the washer’s strength. Excessive pressure can cause damage.

Tidy Up the Landscaping

Quality landscaping is a vital part of curb appeal. You don’t need to have anything elaborate, but keep it well-maintained. Consider a low maintenance base like shrubs. Then, accent with seasonal flower pots. Always keep the ground cover fresh, pull weeds, and remove any dead plants.

Having a thriving brick-and-mortar store includes sustaining a high level of curb appeal. Follow these tips to keep your business looking its best.