The Processes and Procedures to Import Commercial Goods to Canada

Whether you are an individual or a growing business, if you intend to import commercial goods into Canada, you have to get a BN or Business Number from the CRA or Canada Revenue Agency which is also called your import and export account. This import and export account from the CRA does not cost anything and you can get it within minutes. In order to register for a business number or an export and import RN account identifier to your existing BN you can either call the business window of CRA or visit the CRA’s BRO or Business Registration Online. You can also import to Canada with Clearitif you wish to take the help of import and export custom broker services.

You need to collect as much information as possible about your goods you wish to import such as information on product composition, descriptive information about the goods if possible product sample etc. The information is very crucial and essential when determining the tariff classification of your imported goods. Every product you intend to import from outside Canada has to be incorporated under a classification of goods with a unique classification number.

The Canadian customs tariff classification is comprised of ten-digit code. The first six digits refer to WCO harmonized system digits and the next 7th and 8th digits are used for the purpose of Canadian trade. The rest two digits namely the ninth and the tenth are used for statistical purposes.Eventually, the information of the goods based on which the classification number will be provided to you will determine the rate of duty on your goods to be imported to Canada.

If you feel comfortable enough to yourself release your goods and do the accounting documentation, you can do the transactions directly with the CBSA or the Canada Border Service Agency. On the other hand, you can also authorise a licensed customs broker to do the transactions on your behalf and release the goods. But in both the cases, you have to ultimately be responsible for the accounting documentation, duties and taxes payment, and any corrections in the process of reclassification of your goods, valuation and origin of your goods.

However, a designated broker authorised by you would provide you services like, releasing the imported materials on behalf of you, paying the taxes and duties, getting or preparing or presenting or transmitting required documents, record maintenance and responding to any clarification required by the CBSA after the payment.