Save Your Money By Availing SBI Diwali Gift For Pension Loan

SBI (State bank of India) has established great news for enhancing the benefits of its potential customers on the occasion of Diwali. Usually, while obtaining the pension loan, the customers need to pay a certain amount of processing fee in the SBI bank. As a Diwali gift, the SBI bank has decided to cancel the processing fee of the pensioners until 30 November. Therefore, you people need not have to pay any charges for obtaining the pension loan.

 The processing fees have to be paid to the bank for getting any loan. Just a few weeks back, SBI bank can be minimized the regular processing fees of personal loan finance till November 30. Stay here and read the furthermore lines for grabbing a detailed explanation.

Pension Loan At SBI 

In recent times, more and more customers have been engaged to acquire the pension loan at SBI bank. Some of them have been suffered to pay the processing fee offered by the bank. Therefore, the gift provided by the bank can make the customers get excited. The processing fees regarding the pension loan can be waived off till 31 November.

The pension loan facility has been provided for the state, central government and defence pensioners. The consumers have not to worry about the fees paid for obtaining the pension loan. You people need to utilize this golden opportunity and enjoy the benefits included in it.

Loan Amount For Central And State Government Pensioners 

The pension loan can be provided by considering certain eligibility criteria for fulfilling the requirements of the customers effectively. The minimum pension loan amount offered at the state bank of India (SBI) is at Rs. 25,000. At the same time, the maximum level of the loan amount can be greatly varied from one another that depends upon the age of the pensioner. The central and state government pensioners can able to avail the loan amount up to Rs. 7.50 lakh to 14 lakh.

Loan Amount Offered For The Defence Prisoners 

The minimum level of pension loan amount capped for the defence pensioners is Rs. 25,000. However, the maximum level of the loan amount can be calculated based on the age limit that the customers should not exceed the age of 76 years. If the defence pensioners have satisfied the age limit of SBI bank, then they can get the amount Rs. 7.50 to 14 lakhs.

 Loan Amount For Family Pensioners

The family pensioners also have the age limit of 72 to 76 years. The bank has decided to offer the minimum loan amount of Rs.25,000 whereas the maximum amount of Rs. 2.50 to 5.00 lakhs.


Repay The Loan Amount Via EMI

The bank can allow the customers to repay the loan amount via EMI that can be deducted from the account of the borrower for every month. In case, if the customer wants to repay the total loan amount before the term of the loan is completed then he or she needs to pay a 3% penalty that can be calculated from your payment amount.

Make use of this aforementioned information and use the opportunity given by the SBI bank on Diwali. Hope you understood the details mentioned about the cancellation of the processing fee for a pension loan.