Precision Cutting: 8 Reasons Why Manufacturers Incorporate Laser Cutting

Cutting is an all-too-common process in the manufacturing industry. When working with materials or pre-assembled workpieces, cutting is frequently required. The revolutionary laser cutting is a more modern service in Singapore and an advanced alternative to the more traditional cutting methods such as shear cutting used by some manufacturing companies.

A high-powered laser is used to cut materials and workpieces. The following are just a few reasons manufacturing companies incorporate this method into their production processes.


Using laser cutters ensures that your parts and assemblies are accurate. Most CNC CAD/CAM laser cutters are designed to be able to make an infinite number of cuts from a single piece of material. Because of the high level of precision provided by a laser cutting service in Singapore, each cut is where it precisely should be. Using this level of accuracy and programming, you can expect consistent results. As long as you have multiples of the same thing, you can be sure that each of them is exactly alike. You can rely on the laser cutter to produce consistently high-quality results every time.

Smooth Edges

Another advantage of using a laser metal cutting service in Singapore for your manufacturing company is that the edges are smooth. Of course, traditional shears are notorious for producing jagged edges. When cutting a piece of material with shears, the surface is jagged and sharp. With laser cutting, this is not an issue. The material will be melted with the use of heat, resulting in a smooth finish.

Minimised Finishing Touches

Laser cutters produce extremely accurate cuts, which reduces the amount of finishing required. Edges produced by laser cutters are free of burrs and have a smooth finish. Heat exposure to the components will not cause any defects because the beams are so tightly focused. Laser cutters will produce high-quality, precise cuts to speed up quality checks. As a result, quality checks can be carried out with certainty.

Shorter Production Time

Laser metal cutting is well-known for its service in Singapore, especially for its ability to cut metal quickly and precisely. Metals as thin as 3/8″ can be cut in seconds by laser cutters. Even when working with thicker materials, the cutting time increases, but they are still incredibly fast. Laser cutters are suitable for both small and large-scale operations, and they can help to speed up production by cutting materials more quickly. When the right laser cutter is used, fabricators can cut at the fastest speeds on the market. Laser cutters can also be extremely useful when creating prototypes. Multiple parts can be programmed and cut at the same time using a laser cutter, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

Extraordinary Precision

Cutting materials with a laser provide extreme precision. Manufacturing companies can use it to precisely cut through materials to achieve specific dimensions. Acrylic laser cutting machines in Singapore, on the other hand, can achieve dimensional accuracy of fewer than 0.0005 inches. Traditional cutting methods, such as shears, pale in comparison to this in terms of dimensional precision. Because of its extreme precision, laser cutting is a popular choice for manufacturing companies.

Laser cutters are also unrivalled in terms of precision. CNC routers program the cutters to make intricate geometric patterns, and lasers precisely produce the required cuts and shapes. The edges of a laser cutter are perfectly straight and smooth. Almost everything that comes into contact with the laser vaporises or melts. A rough cut will not be necessary due to the debris buildup. This precision not only helps with the production of high-quality parts – but also helps with waste reduction. Precision dimensional tolerances and high-quality standards are required when using a laser to cut Singapore aerospace parts and medical devices, which laser cutters excel at.

Laser cutting machines are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some people use CO2 lasers, while others use neodymium lasers. It makes no difference which one you choose; all of them have the capability of cutting through any material with extreme precision.



Automatic Laser Cutting

Based on popular belief, automated laser cutting is now as real as those depicted in spy films. As a result, it can be used with CNC machines. It is possible to use a computer program and a CNC laser cutting machine. The cutting procedure can be programmed using a computer. The material will then be cut to your specifications using the laser cutting machine, and the instructions you provide.


Because of multi-axis lasers, laser cutters can assist with more projects. They can sever a variety of materials. A metal cutting service in Singapore can handle both simple and complex metal structures. All kinds of materials can be precisely cut with a laser cutter — from steel and aluminium to wood and glass — and even precious stones such as diamonds. Using a laser cutter, you can cut intricate and precise shapes from a wide variety of materials, including multiple materials at the same time. Cutting possibilities for laser cutters are virtually limitless because of their high levels of accuracy and preciseness.

Efficient Energy Usage

Even though a laser cutting service consumes energy in Singapore, it is a time and labour-saving tool for manufacturers. Laser cutting is typically less energy-intensive than other methods because of its high speed.

Laser cutters use less energy than other cutting methods because of their high efficiency and advanced technology. Laser cutters typically consume approximately 10kW of power during a cutting session, whereas other cutting mechanisms consume over 50kW of electricity. By lowering the amount of energy used in manufacturing processes, laser cutters can help manufacturers save money and the environment. Furthermore, laser cutters are an excellent technique to reduce the energy needed during the fabrication process.


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