Making The Right Choices – Sourcing Cardboard Boxes For Industrial Packaging Needs

It is very easy for one to make wrong choices while sourcing one’s cardboard boxes for industrial shipping needs. If you analyze closely the situations when wrong choices are made you will notice a pattern emerge. It is useful to be aware of such patterns so that you could stay away from making similar mistakes.

Before you started sourcing your cardboard boxes, did you take time to review your own requirements so that you could have a clear understanding of the required specifications? If you have not done this then you are very susceptible to making mistakes.

Have you decided whether your box is going to be plain or do you need custom text or logo printed on the boxes? Your choices here will have a significant impact on the costing. If you are not sure, whether printed boxes will fit your budget then it is best to send out your request for quotes. While sending your RFQ it is important to get comparative quotes. Do not limit yourself to just a single supplier. Only when you get multiple quotes you will be able to ensure that you are paying the right prices for the shipping supplies.

If you happen to deal with direct distributors or wholesale suppliers of cardboard boxes, you need to double check whether you are actually getting wholesale cardboard boxes. Many suppliers claim that they offer wholesale rates but in reality, they do not offer the actual wholesale rates. It is best therefore to find out the wholesale rates for the products that you are planning to source.

It is not enough to give the specifications for the inner dimensions of the boxes you need to your manufacturer or supplier. You should also provide them with the specifications for the inner dimensions. Your manufacturer will be able to decide on the inner dimensions when they have adequate information about the contents of the cardboard boxes. In case the inner dimensions need to be custom designed to match the product profile then you need to specify this right at the start when requesting your quote. This again will have its impact on the costing.  When you are sourcing your packaging supplies for the first time, you are likely to make such mistakes. Once you have gone through the whole process of sourcing your cardboard boxes for industrial packaging needs, you would know how to extract accurate quotes and how to match your budget with your requirements.

If all these should sound too much to you, you need to find a professional that could help you with the package designing process. Instead of making the wrong choices and losing money, you might as well invest money on hiring a packaging engineer to help you with their professional guidelines on designing the right cardboard boxes for your packaging and shipping needs.

Having figured out what exactly you need you should ensure that you take your requirements to the right supplier of shipping supplies. Click here if you are looking for shipping containers in Tasmania.