Features of a Good Accessibility Overlay You Should Evaluate Before Investing

Accessibility overlays are indispensable for business websites today. These websites need to adhere to the ADA and WCAG guidelines to be free from litigation and hefty fines. Gone are those days when companies had to rely on manual techniques where developers were hired to fix accessibility issues. Thanks to the advent of accessibility overlays, the whole process of arresting issues in web accessibility is now affordable and prompt.

Choosing a quality accessibility overlay for your business

There are many accessibility overlays in the market today, and businesses might have a tough time choosing the best tool for their unique needs. A good overlay will always be infused with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will be highly affordable for even small businesses to use and have good reviews from clients when it comes to the features it gives you.

What are the key features of quality accessibility overlays?

When it comes to a top-quality accessibility overlay, companies have to understand the different types of user disabilities and the changes it needs to cater to them. Note, as a business owner, you will never find a one-size suit all solution. A good overlay generally has the following features-

  1. Automatic adjustments to screen readers- Screen readers are essential to blind users, and a good overlay’s features will include the following when it comes to making adjustments to the screen reader-
  • Alt attributes.
  • Buttons and icons.
  • State controls.
  • Landmarks and roles.
  • Validations and forms.
  • Keyboard navigation (automated.)
  1. Adjustments to UI and design- When it comes to the site’s display and content, users should have the option of activating different profiles for accessibility-
  • ADHD profile-This helps users with ADHD to get a better focus.
  • Cognitive disability profile-This helps them with better reading options and concentration.
  • Profile for the visually impaired- This profile improves the visuals of the website.
  • Profile for users prone to epileptic seizures- This option removes flashes and reduces the color.
  1. Contrast and color for users with visual impairments- This option improves both the background and the foreground color contrasts.
  1. Live dictionary- This feature gives users with cognitive disorders to get the instant meaning of specific languages, phrases, and slang.
  1. Stop animations for users with epilepsy- This feature freezes animations, flashing images, and GIFs.
  1. Reading mode for users with cognitive disorders- Places the web page in the text mode for focused reading.
  1. Fast navigation for users with motor impairments- This feature permits users to reach any page they want to access with one click.

Every business must assess its needs to choose the best overlay for its websites

When it comes to the subject of accessibility, it is very important today. Businesses must invest in a good quality accessibility overlay with standard features to help users with disabilities get a comfortable browsing experience on their websites.

Businesses should first understand their unique needs and compare the accessibility tools that will work for them before they make the final choice. The tool should be safe, affordable, and business-friendly for them.