Choosing An HDB Main Door For Your Home – What You Need To Know

All homes need a security layer against the risk and hazards from the outside world. From the HDB main door to sophisticated security systems, we do everything we can to ensure our home is safe and secure 24/7. We’ve heard the news about disturbing home invasions and burglaries that happen whether you’re inside or outside your home.

These intrusion activities can quickly escalate into grim and horrible crime incidents that can claim lives in some situations. We don’t want this to happen in our home and in our family. We don’t have to sugarcoat the harsh reality that can happen anytime.

Every homeowner desires to protect their home. Your flat or condo needs a genuine safety feature that will act as a barrier to entry. Whether it’s about boosting your home’s appearance or providing a security layer, an HDB main door gate can offer a solution if you want to safeguard your home.

Signs You Need An HDB Door Gate

Each has its own objective when investing in HDB gates, from protecting to personalising your home. Here are a few indications why you should consider having the main door gate at your apartment or HDB.

Confidence in leaving the door open

It’s not surprising to see why numerous homeowners enjoy leaving their main door open. Leaving the front door has its benefits, such as allowing your living room to become brighter and chilly as air and light flow in—streaming inside.

However, leaving the door open doesn’t come with cons. First of all, you are exposing and leaving your home at risk of being compromised. An HDB main door can be your aid to establish confidence in leaving your door open!

Durable than a wood door

Not confident or feeling that your door is too superficial to act as protection? Our front door may not be enough to protect us from forced break-ins. However, having an HDB front gate can act as a reinforcement barrier to strengthen your front entry security.

Most HDB door gates are highly durable since manufacturers often use steel metal as a primary material, and the average thickness of the gate has a measure of 35 millimetres. Nonetheless, some homeowners can customise their HDB main door to adjust them from the standard measurements to accommodate the needs of the household.

Wanting to keep your child or pet from slipping outside

Most homeowners can have problems with a pet or their children intentionally or unintentionally slip outside the house. While most parents can be forgiving enough, it can be a security risk for their child or dog. Not to mention that some children can be indecent to leave the main door unlocked or open enough for an outsider to creep in. Therefore, investing in an HDB main door can be a ‘strong’ barrier.

Different Types of Materials For HDB Door Gates


Not all HDB door gates are equal. Some can be more durable than others, and some can be more customisable. There are types of doors that can be pleasing enough visually if you are after aesthetics. If you are interested in having an HDB main door at your own flat and desiring to check out some notable materials for selection, here’s what you need to know:

Mild steel

Mild steel gates are one of the most popular choices. One can perhaps see them in almost every HDB main door promotion. They provide sufficient durability despite having low carbon content. Mild steel gates are robust enough to withstand extreme environmental conditions (high and low temperatures).

Mild steel materials don’t compromise themselves by being too ‘banal’ for every unique taste in aesthetics and designs. It’s weldable enough to take various shapes and forms should you decide on a more customisable appearance.

Wrought iron

Another popular HDB main door choice for most homeowners is wrought iron material, which is popular due to its high durability and customizability than other materials. It has high malleability, ductility and corrosion resistance. Wrought iron material makes an ideal choice that stands apart from the rest.

Unlike mild steel, which has no corrosion resistance, wrought iron can last for more than a decade should you know how to apply proper maintenance and care.


Don’t be fooled with the ‘timber’ material because this type is still capable enough of providing toughness for your front door security. Homeowners can choose if they prefer softwood or hardwood for the HDB main door material.

When maximising your interior design or renovation projects, timber adds extra warmth and cosiness due to its high versatility to complement a wide range of interior designs. However, this material comes at a standard higher cost.


Veneers are more affordable than timber materials, making them an ideal alternative for those looking to add cosiness to their interior without breaking their budget. Thanks to its natural look and lightweight, it’s cost-effective for aesthetics and designs. However, the downside of veneers is their high-maintenance demands.

Choosing the Best Material


The material you choose can significantly affect the durability of your HDB main door. However, it’s worth noting that you base your choice in accordance with your budget without setting aside or compromising design and quality.

The best and ideal recommendation can come from a professional consultation. You need to consider and ensure that the material should suit well with your home design for an impactful appeal.

Final Thoughts

No home in Singapore is complete without having an HDB gate. Apart from serving as the first line of security towards your home (no matter how big or small it is), it doesn’t compromise designs and aesthetics.

The choice and decision to HDB main door often depend on your preference, budget and style. As we’ve mentioned earlier, getting a professional consultation is probably the best take you can do. If you want to determine if an HDB gate or a specific material is good for you, you can’t go wrong approaching an expert!

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