A Quick Guide to Buying Spices

Spices have the power to make or break the dishes you make. If you don’t have the right quantity and quality of spices, your food will not turn out the way you expect. But, to be able to add these spices, you first need to learn how to buy them. Yes, there are rules to be followed when you want to have the best quality. What are they? Read on to find out:

  • Don’t get typical grocery store spices

Grocery stores may have products on their shelves for as long as a year and they could be in a warehouse before that. As most spices have a shelf life of six months, there is a strong possibility that you will get stale spices. Rather than risking it, get whole spices that you can grind yourself at home, as it will ensure fuller flavor and retain maximum potency.

  • Don’t fall for cheap prices

There is a reason that the prices are cheap and there may be something wrong with the spices you are getting because the health regulations surrounding them are a bit lax. Why take the risk?

  • Source quality spices online

These days, the internet can provide you with pretty much everything and this includes spices and seasonings for your food. You can get quality spices online at and not only are they great in taste, but also healthy and low in calories.

  • Get small quantities

Spices are not the ingredient that you should purchase in bulk for your kitchen because, as mentioned earlier, they tend to go stale. Unless you are heavy-handed with spices or tend to cook a lot, it is better to get spices in limited quantities and keep track of how much you are using. When you get good quality spices, even a small quantity can go a long way.